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Introducing the G7L series of projectiles

  • Precision gilding metal match grade target jackets
  • +99% Lead (Pb) cores
  • Hand swaged in Australia

The G7L series of projectiles is Antipodean Industrial’s entry into the hand swaged projectile market. In principle, the G7is a traditional long range (300y+) projectile designed for high levels of accuracy while maintaining supersonic velocity levels.


Another batch of G7L-284-180gr's ready for packing.


So why is the first projectile series called – ‘G7L‘?

The ‘G7‘ part of the name refers to the preferred standard of drag curve, used to compare the form factor of a long range boat tail projectile, to estimate its ballistic coefficient (BC) at various velocity (and atmospheric conditions). Traditionally a G1 drag curve was used to perform various ballistic estimates based on the Mach number measurement (velocity including atmospheric conditions). The shape of the projectile used to create the G1 drag curve had a flat base and an ogive profile similar to a benchrest projectile. It has been found that the G7 drag curve more accurately predicted the various ballistic calculations (e.g. trajectory/velocity) at longer ranges. This is because the G7 drag curve was developed using a projectile with a boat tail and a more aggressive ogive profile; hence a closer representation to modern long range projectile shapes.Modern ballistic software is now available with BC calculations utilising the G7 drag curve as an option.

The subscript ‘L‘ is acknowledgement of my bullet mentor Mr Gary Little for his assistance in developing this first range of projectiles for Antipodean Industrial. Gary Little produced a wide range of hand made custom projectiles under the company name of Little Bullets for many year in Australia. There is no doubt that without Gary’s mentoring skills, experience, industry contacts, generosity and patient personality, I would not have made any progress up the steep learning curve that is swaging bullets by hand.