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Antipodean Industrial – manufacturing long range, competition quality projectiles
Antipodean Industrial is currently focused on manufacturing long range target quality projectiles for the local Australian market. The long ogive and boat tail ratios of our G7L series projectiles should instantly peak the interest of F-Class and Fly target shooters.Our goal is to manufacture a high quality local product for local shooters that is kept in good supply. There is no doubt that imported products dominate the market and have supported Australian shooters for over a hundred years due to amicable trade policy, and for that we should be thankful. Unfortunately though, due overseas demand and the size of our local market, we have been regularly let down with supply. Supply has either been delayed significantly from overseas release dates, expensive, random or non-existent in some cases.Initial results with the G7L series projectiles has exceeded our expectations even though we were just aiming for solid, reliable, competitive design. Once the G7Lbecomes established we will start developing more radical designs based on gilding metal jackets with lead cores, monolithic metals and other materials in various combinations. Essentially we are depending on strong Australian support for these individually hand swaged projectiles, because if you think our groups are small they’re nothing compared to our margins!

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